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Functional Art

Octopus Coat Rack


The 20,000 leagues Under the Sea inspired Aquarium was a collaboration between me and Bruce Rosenbaum of ModVic. 

The idea is that after Nemo's Nautilus is attacked by the Kraken in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea -- Nemo builds his own mechanical Kraken to fight off the giant squid at his own game in his next battle.

Nemo’s cockpit' or 'bridge' of the  Kraken's 'head' made by (Bruce Rosenbaum)  The aquarium frame and mechanical Kraken Built by (Jon Bander) The octopus's tentacles resemble the bridge trusses while the frame of the aquarium resembles a treasure chest.  This piece will be on display at an antique aquarium in California. 

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