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Notorious Weld is a local metal artist in Franklin County, MA specializing in abstract and functional art such as personalized sculptures and lighting. Using found and fabricated materials to create a unique piece of art. 

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Throughout my life, I've been surrounded by art and machinery. Born the son of an artist and an auto mechanic I always found myself drawn to the beauty of mechanical shapes. I believe my creativity comes from my need of trying to figure out how things work. Taking apart or reusing these shapes and objects gives them a new life and purpose. Whether it be a bird made out of old cutlery or a reaching hand made out of a bicycle chain. I work with very hard materials, which is the nature of metal. What I find exciting about that is to take something that is known to be hard and cold, and transforming it into something pliable, soft, and warm. 

-Jon Bander


Check Out this article in the Greenfield Recorder about my upcoming project for the Erving Riverfront Park  



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